Shasvastii vs FRRM


It has been awhile since my last battle report, but the new Shasvastii update has me energized and raring to go! This week I face off against Jeff’s new favorite army, FRRM in Firefight!

Firefight’s objectives are as follows:

Kill more Specialist Troops, 1 point

Kill more Lieutenants, 2 points

Kill more Army Points, 3 points

Acquire more weapons or items from Panoplies, 1 point

Kill enemy DataTracker, 1 point

and finally, 2 Classified Objectives for 1 point, each.

The List

First list with the new Shasvastii Profiles

This list was hastily thrown together yesterday morning when the army update dropped. It uses a bunch of things I was most excited to try out.

First there is the Haris link team with Sheskiin, the Gwailo HRL (HI!!!!), and the M-Drone FTO that has Nanoscreen. It’s a pretty expensive link, but with the MSV2 Gwailo, and Sheskiin both having 2 wounds each, it is pretty survivable. Not to mention that Sheskiin somehow has Fatality L2 now!

The Mentor I feel will replace the retired Aswang as the standard LT option in a lot of missions and Shasvastii lists. Ambush Camouflage is a nice bonus to be sure.

The Speculo has a profile with minelayer now that I just had to try out. It is real expensive though, with SWC 1.5, and a 4 point increace to 39.

The Cadmus Killer Hacker isn’t as strong against Ariadna, but it gives me another infiltrating specialist if I can stick the landing, and the Decoy skill gives me a safe way to land and not worry as much about dispersion. As long as I don’t disperse into my opponents deployment zone.

Rounding out the list I have the new BS 12 Haiduk that is sporting a fresh pair of MSV2 goggles, a Shrouded with Dazers to create some tough fights against my ARO pieces, a Nox Line Trooper because I had 14 points, and the brand new profile Jayth Cutthroats Pit Patrol with his personal murder monster, a Taigha Creature synced.

It’s a bit new to give a lot of in-depth thoughts of the new options, but as I get more games in, I plan to do more profile reviews for sure!

You can find Jeff’s list here.


The site of the battle. Shasvastii deployment is the foreground

Jeff won the initiative roll and opted to go first so he also deployed first. With Jacques Bruant, and 4 other inferior infiltrating Metros he could have really put me in a tough spot right off the bat…unfortunately he flubbed all 5 rolls, and so he border edge was well guarded by a quintet of Metros and Bruant.

Near the panoplies on each side he had a camo token that would turn out to be his Chasseurs. Rounding out his deployment of his first group was an infiltrating Moblot, with a Rifle and E/Mauler next to the middle panoply.

Failed Infiltration roles for the French

In his second group he had a 3 man core link of Briscards forward deployed on a building in the middle. This was a formidable defensive ARO link that covered a good stretch of my deployment zone and the middle lane. His last model was a sapper sniper Zouve watching the same fire lane down the middle of the map.

More French Deployment

Shasvastii deployment was pretty simple, I set up my Haiduk across the long fire lane, and also watching the left board edge hoping to take out a Metro or Jacques Bruant if they started moving up. I followed this up by infiltrating my Shrouded near the left panoply, and leaving a Dazer across the middle of the long fire lane to make dealing with my Haiduk more difficult.

Guarding his flank was my Jayth Cutthroat Pit Patrol and Taigha. The Nox, and my Mentor LT were on top of the buildings in the back left of my deployment trying to provide a LT shell game.

Shasvastii backline. You can see the 2 Mentor Camouflage tokens. So good!

Sheskiin’s Haris link team was on my right flank, planning on moving up the right side. Finally my Speculo was near his core link team and placed a mine threatening them if they activated.

Round 1

Zut alors! Ariadna players amirite!?

Jeff starts round one moving Jacques up the left side of the board, and even though I did land a shot with my Haiduk he was able to tank the armor rolls. Jacques was now out of LOS of the Haiduk and was able to move towards my left flank uncontested. With his next few orders Jacques was able to take out both my Jayth and Haiduk, but he finally falls to my Shrouded popping out of Camo.

Jacques took out 2 models, but was sent unconscious by the Shrouded

It could have been worse I guess, but I was so sad not to be able to use my murder critter duo. There’s always next game I guess.

Jeff decides to try and deal with the mine threatening his link team, and he discovers it with his Moblot sapper, but is unable to shoot it, as it is now Silhouette 0. He takes a chance by activating the link and trying to dodge the mine, but fails both his dodge and armor save, and the HRL Briscard is no more and the link is broken.

Jeff tries to have a Para-Commando walk in on the right side of the board, but is unable to walk in without being seen by the Gwailos, and is immediately dispatched by a 2 rockets in the face.

Finishing up his first round, he sets his Briscard that is hiding in the building into suppressive fire, but has to use his LT order to do it, and the Speculo now has a target!


Losing 2 orders in the first round isn’t ideal, but with 7 orders, I feel I still have enough to get things done. Because I set my link team too far apart to do what I wanted to do first round, I voluntarily break it to start the round, and send Sheskiin moving to the right to regroup. In the process I take out the Moblot near the middle panoply.

Sweet Haris of Sheskiin, M-Drone, and Gwailo HRL!

Re-linking the haris, with a command token I then take out his Sniper, and one of the Metros that was out in the open on the right edge of the board. Having cleared off a few orders the Speculo sets out to remove the LT and score some points.

Speculo wondering where the link team went.

As Speculo’s do, he did destroy his LT, but fell unconscious in the process. Finishing out my first round, I jumped my Cadmus into the battle, and although I dispersed, I was able to use Decoy to get back to where I wanted to be.

Round 2

Jeff starts Round 2 in Loss of Lieutenant, and he still has a good amount of orders and all his command tokens to try and get some things done.

He starts the round by bringing his other Para-Commando onto the board on the left side. This one is equipped with a Light Grenade Launcher and immediately starts speculatively firing. He takes out the Nox with his first order, as I fail my dodge and armor roll. He then successfully hits my Shrouded, but this time I make my armor save, so on his third straight roll of 7, he takes out my Shrouded as well. Using one more order on his Para-Commando he walks into base with my unconscious Jayth Cutthroat and Coup de Grace for Extreme Prejudice.

Grenade Launcher destroyed 2 of my troopers!

With his last couple of irregular orders, his 112 takes a long distance shot at Bruant with his medikit, but misses the shot. The Chasseur on the left side walks over to the Panoply and successfully opens the box. I can’t quite remember what he got from the box, but I want to say it was a multi sniper.

My Poor Jayth, destroyed before I got to try him out!

Down 2 more troopers has me starting my second turn at half strength, so 5 orders total. Having a lot of things still to do for the mission I plan on pumping all 5 orders into Sheskiin’s link. I start off discover/discover on the camo’d Chasseur on the right side. With the next order the link moves up to the right and Sheskiin takes out the Chasseur easily.

Sheskiin Haris moving up to RAMPAGE!

Continuing to move up Sheskiin takes out his sapper Zouave and one more Metro. With my last couple of orders in this round, the M-Drone Forward Observes an unconscious Metro to score Telemetry, and opens the Panoply. The Link team retreats into a more defensive position readying for the French army’s last round.

Unfortunately I ran out of orders before I was able to hatch and move my Cadmus into a better position so my specialist is in a terrible position.

Round 3

Jeff spends his third round on his 112 first walking over and destroying my Cadmus Killer Hacker. Against Ariadna there may be something to just deploying the Cadmus normally, or jumping in toward a console just for button pushing purposes. He didn’t do anything in this battle, but I’m excited for the future of the Cadmus!

The 112 then heads back towards his fallen comrade Jacques Bruant and finally does connect with a ranged medikit shot, but it had been too long for Jacques and his strength just wasn’t there, and he dies outright with a failed PH roll.


I have 4 orders for my last round and I decide just to focus on scoring my last classified objective. First order Sheskiin opens the panoply successfully. Sheskiin then makes a successful WIP roll inside the enemy’s half of the battlefield to score Net-Undermine. I try to move toward where I could shoot the 112, but after my second order I realize this isn’t an option with the orders left.

Both Classifieds Achieved!

The games ends here with a Shasvastii win 10-1.

End Thoughts

It was a really fun game to try out the new Shasvastii profiles. Jeff was really unlucky to fail all his infiltration rolls to start the game, and that really put him on the back foot.

Sheskiin is an absolute terror now. No longer worried about Shock ammunition stopping her attack run early, she can really be the Rambo that she has always wanted to be. Fatality L2 is also insane as it bumps her weapon damage up 1, and lets her crit on 1’s as well.

I was disappointed I didn’t get a chance to run the Jayth Cutthroat out for a turn, but that was more on me deploying badly, and the Haiduk being unable to remove Bruant.

I really like the Gwailos as a HI, though I’m a bit disappointed they are only AVA 1 now, but that is more do to having 5 models. The Haris link is really interesting, but it is very expensive, especially if I use one of the 3 wildcards. That said, it was a devastating trio in this battle!

Finally, I’m not sure the Speculo with minelayer is a must take, but it gives you a lot of options on how you want to deploy your Speculo. I also think it gives you a lot more options when it comes to dealing with link teams, something that I really struggle doing.



Shasvastii MVP

Sheskiin. It’s a no brainer, she is such a fantastic piece, and really shines in the new Shasvastii. She seems like a must take in almost every list. I’m so happy!


The little Para-Commando that could. After being very unlucky when it came to rolls early in the game, the LGL rolled three straight 7’s, and was able to remove 2 orders away from Sheskiin that slowed me down Round 2.

Shasvastii wins!

4 thoughts on “Shasvastii vs FRRM

  1. For the Glory of Ariadna! A Faction That Should Be Played More Because No One Around Here!

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    1. I was beginning to think you were boycotting the blog


      1. Today has been shit for me kinda like my play was yesterday


      2. Sorry to hear that. I wish I was at the shop getting another game in


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