Shasvastii Rework Video


Corvus Belli has released a video preview of the new Shasvastii rework, so lets go over the screenshots, and glean what we can.

If you want to watch the video you can find it here!

Important date to remember is March 27, when Army will be updated. Most of this will just be the pictures with a comment or two, and I will go more in depth in a later post.
Ok, Let’s get started.

Aida Swanson
New Shasvastii Army List

Quite a bit to unpack here, but there may be a few typos, as I believe in the video Carlos mentioned taking 4 , but the AVA listed here is 1. Lots of Special fireteams throughout the army, with the Nox being able to form a standard core, and the unrevealed Jayth Cutthroats having a duo and haris option.

Another new, but unrevealed, unit is the Taigha Creatures. At a high AVA 8 we could be seeing a Shasvastii warband of some type. A cheap and spammable unit!

There’s 2 more brand new units to Shasvastii, the Mentors, at AVA 3, and a AVA 1 Tensho Expert!

Sphinx at AVA 2 suggests a point drop maybe? Or it could be with the Nox and Taigha Creatures you could still conceivable have 10 orders with 2 Sphinx?

Scroll down for the rest of the pictures! I will have a blog post going over the 3 new profiles tomorrow!

Big Thanks to Sterling from the Arizona Infinity Group for the screenshots!

New Shasvastii Unit, the Mentors
Shasvastii Nox, the New Line Troopers of the Continuum
Nox Profiles, Look at them all!
Nox Concept Art
New Sphinx Incoming!
Sphinx Concept Art
Victor Messer Profile
Victor Messer Dossier
Speculo getting the drop!
Speculo Dossier…DO I SEE MINES!?
Seed Soldiers Dossier
Seed Soldiers Concept Art

3 thoughts on “Shasvastii Rework Video

  1. Fuck yeah!


  2. I was kinda sad to see the aswang missing… More because I like the word than the Lt profile

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey sorry I didn’t see this sooner. Yep, going to miss ol’ Lt. DickButt


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