Shasvastii vs TAK

Show of Force

This week’s Shasvastii Battle Report is for a local event, the UT ARO Tag Showdown. I’m facing off against Randon’s Tartary Army Corps. We both have to bring a TAG, so it’s a Sphinx vs Anaconda.

The mission is Show of Force, and the objectives are as follows:

Control the Transmission Antenna at the end of the Game, 2 Points.

Control it with a TAG, 3 Points.

Kill more Army Points, 2 Points.

Kill the Enemy DataTracker, 3 Points.

Randon wins the LT roll and opts for first turn. Let’s go over the lists and get to deployment.

The List

TAG Mission? Yea, I’m bringing double Speculos.

For the event, it was mandatory to bring a TAG, so my list starts with a Sphinx and 2 Speculos. I was hoping to get first turn, but with 2 Speculos I should still have at least one left for TAG hunting.

I have the Q-Drone as my ARO piece, and a E-Drone as my hacker, hoping to put some supportware onto the total reaction bot. The auto-include 2 Ikadrons and a R-Drone for my cheap cheerleaders, and the cheapest LT option, the Gwailos with a boarding shotgun. Finally Aida Swanson is in there to be my DataTracker, but this spot should really be Dr. Worm and a Slave Drone. I just couldn’t resist as her paint job is fantastic, and I just got her back from the amazing Vagabond Studios, so I had to take her out for a test drive!

It’s a pretty straightforward list, use the Speculo’s to hunt the enemy TAG, and then to pick off some cheerleaders. With the Sphinx starting in Hidden Deployment, it should be easy to protect it for turn one, I just have to not lose too many orders turn 1.

If you want to check out Randon’s list, it can be found here.


The Wood world is going through an Ice Age.

The Shasvastii Deployment is pretty straightforward, I have an Ikadron covering each flank of the board, with my R-Drone and E-Drone hiding in the back of my deployment behind cover. I have both Speculo’s just passed the midway point of the battlefield within striking distance of both his Anaconda, and the link team.

The Brave Gwailo LT hiding out!

The Sphinx is at the 12″ line on the left side of the battlefield, with a good approach to console in the middle. Aida Swanson is behind some cover just pass the deploment line thanks to Forward Deployment LVL1, but as she is my DataTracker this is a mistake. She definitely should have been hiding farther back in my deployment zone, to make it much harder to get those 2 points. To round out my list, my Gwailo LT was bravely hiding prone on the second level of a piece of terrain.

For Randon’s Deployment, the Vet Kazak core link was on the left side walkway, covering a surprising amount of the table in ARO. The Anaconda set up near the center of the board, behind the large rock formation.

On the Right Side of the table, his Spetsnaz HMG had a good view of the approach to the console, and was directly across from my total reaction bot. In the center past his deployment zone he had his Strelok + Pupper, and Vassily, both in a marker state. Randon’s DataTracker Frontovik was in the back of his deployment zone, behind a large terrain piece.

Round 1

Q-Drone with the Crit!

Randon’s TAK start the game off with 10 orders. He decides he wants to remove the Q-Drone, so he takes a surprise shot with the Spetsnaz HMG. With surprise shot, camoflauge, and cover he definitely should have the upper hand…, but my Q-Drone loves to roll 5’s, and gets the improbable critical hit. #SorryforQ-Drone, Randon.

Randon is really sick of critical hits.

With his most probable play not working out in his favor, Randon decides to move his TAG around to take on the Q-Drone. It takes him 3 orders, but the Q-Drone is unconscious, and with no Doctor/Engineer, essentially off the table. The Q-Drone definitely did its job though, and was a fantastic speed bump against the Kazak forces.

With my one ARO piece out of the way, Randon decides to stake his claim on the middle console, moving the Anaconda up to the middle console and going into suppressive fire.

Finishing out his orders for the round, Randon brings the Strelok + Pupper up near the Anaconda, to try and bolster the defenses around the console.


The start of my turn I can’t help but feel good about my chances. Both of my Speculos are on the board, and I have 9 orders to get some work done. Randon’s round certainly could have, and should have, gone much better. Sometimes a little luck goes a long way.

I send the closest Speculo on an Anaconda Hunt. It takes me 4 orders to get to the enemy TAG, one a full order to climb, but the Speculo gets to its target. Unfortunately, as Infinity does, the luck flipped back to Randon, and his Anaconda crit my Speculo because of the -9. This time it was a 4, exacting it’s revenge.

The Sphinx thinks it heard a noise to its left!

With 5 Orders to work with the Sphinx decides to come out of hiding, and with its first order is able to remove the Strelok from play, The poor Antipode, distraught by the turn of events, falls into a coma, and is inactive.

The Sphinx then spends the next 3 Orders trading shots not only against the Anaconada, but the Veteran Kazak with an HMG. The Sphinx picks up 2 Wounds in the process, but is able to remove the Anaconda from the board, and with it’s last order, goes back into TO Camo.

Anaconda pilot surrounded by the dust and debris of her wrecked TAG.

Round 2

Randon’s second turn is underway, and even though he is down an Anaconda, he still has 8 orders to get work done. He sends Vassily up the middle of the board, clearly going towards my DataTracker. Again, Aida should have been much farther back in my deployment zone to make this much more order intensive.

The Ikadron does it’s job by discovering him before he can ambush Aida, but Aida is unable to make her dodge change face. The next order a lot of things happen: He takes a wound from the Sphinx and goes dogged, the Ikadron hits with his Flash Pulse, and Aida Swanson is turned into a pile of goop with his Marksman Rifle. Unfortunately for Randon, he is unable to make the BTS save from the flash pulse, and Vassily is stunned. (Randon too!).

This is another large swing, in a very swingy game, as a Dogged Vassily could have easily taken out my Sphinx, and a Ikadron or two before being removed from the battlefield at the end of the round.

To close out his second round, Randon brings the Anaconda Pilot out for a face off with the Sphinx. With BS 12, and a Spitfire this is a more than fair fight, but with a successful couple of armor saves, the Sphinx weathers the storm, and is able to live for at least another round.


With a Speculo, Q-Drone, and Aida dispatched, my second turn begins with 7 orders, which again, has me feeling very fortunate. The Sphinx removes the Anaconda Operator off the board very early, and that means, its now time for the second Speculo to get to work.

I really need the two points for killing the DataTracker, but it is going to be very hard to get there without being totally discovered first. Walking past the core link team, even my -6 modifier isn’t enough, and with my first order, I’m down one level of Impersonation. The second order moves me very close to the frontovik, but he is once again successful with his discover, and guess what, to no one’s surprise, it’s a SPECULO!

Luckily I’m behind his Frontovik after my last order, so I line up a boarding shotgun attack against his DataTracker while taking 3 ARO’s in the process. I’m only going to get one shot at this, so I have to make it count (Technically 2, if you count burst!). With the Speculo hitting on 15’s both shots hit, and the Frontovik fails both armor saves! DataTracker down, but not without casualties, as the brave Speculo is also totally destroyed by the core link’s revenge shots.

Speculo Killer #2 getting the job done!

With only a couple of Orders left in my pool, I decide to go for the automedkit on the unconscious Speculo near the console. My luck is still with me, and the Speculo is back up ready for a fight. This is HUGE!

I’m Back BABY!

This is a PSA from your friends at Blogvastii. ALWAYS REMEMBER TO REMOVE SPECULO KILLERS. It’s an easy thing to forget, as hey, I don’t have a doctor, that unconscious model is useless now right? No, Kill it, and kill it again!

Not as huge, but this PSA also applies to Shrouded and Malignos, especially the specialist varieties.

Round 3

Randon is down to just his core link team, and he needs to get to the console in the middle. At this point in the battle we actually realized that his HMG Vet. Kazak should have been able to ARO against the Sphinx the last turn, so instead of going into TO camo, we resolved that ARO, and the Sphinx was no longer on the board.

With 5 Orders it is going to be tough sledding to get to the console, especially as it is now being guarded by a Speculo Killer. He moves his core into the terrain piece, but with no stairs or ladders on that side of the scenery it will necessitate a full order to climb. The two Vet Kazaks are able to get onto terrain, but not without an ARO from the Speculo. I remember Speculo’s have smoke grenades, and I successfully fire one at my feet.

Getting their climbing shoes on!

Randon has to go for broker here, and brings both Veteran Kazak’s into CC with the Speculo, and is hoping that the burst bonus will work in his favor. He ends up rolling a 7, to my 6, but the +3 modifier from Martial Arts gives me the edge, and the Speculo comes up on top! Armor saves have not been going Randon’s way when he needs it the most and this trend continues. He doesn’t roll the 13 to beat Monofilament, and the his HMG LT. is off the board, and he is out of orders.


Not much to do this round, the Speculo attacks the last Kazak still engaged with it, and comes out on top with a timely critical. I then move it into base with the console and the game ends.

In a wild finish the Shasvastii come out on top with a 7-3 minor victory.

End Thoughts

I had an outstanding game of Infinity against Randon’s TAK! Amazingly, this was Randon and I’s first game against each other, and I’m not sure how we top it. Other than playing a mission that doesn’t force him to take a TAG of course!

I could have played this better in a lot of spots, especially with my placement of Aida. She should have been much farther back in my deployment zone.

Both of us had some dice luck here and there, but it ended up solidly in my favor.

I would like to play this list a few more times, but I would probably swap out Aida for Dr. Worm. The Dr. is a little bit harder to protect with such a big base, but I could have really used an engineer on the board to get my TAG and Q-Drone running again.

The Sphinx is a very tricky piece to use, and even though I’m used to playing Limited Insertion with Shasvastii, it is a lot of eggs in one basket.


Speculo Killer #1, and Vassily Plushenko

Shasvastii MVP

This isn’t really a discussion. After failing her initial attack against the Anaconda, she really redeemed herself by the successful automedkit use, and defending the console in the middle. With out her, the Kazaks would have been near impossible to get off of the console with only 2 Ikadrons, and E-Drone, and R-Drone left on the table.


Vassily is the TAK MVP for his successful removal of my DataTracker. If he would have passed his BTS roll against the Flash Pulse from the Ikadron, there’s a good chance he makes my second turn nearly impossible.

Shasvastii WINS!

8 thoughts on “Shasvastii vs TAK

  1. The tears of Randon are delicious!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I’m working up some Tears of Randon recipes for my new cookbook!

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  3. I need to get some more terrain together for that table, too!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I can help! Airbrush Party!


  4. Great report! First time against Randon huh? Man you need to do that more often! Always fun. Seeing you grow as Shasvastii and Infinity player is great to watch! What is that like 6 in row winning? 😜 keep up the good work the blog though man. It’s awesome!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Chief! Shasvastii has been getting very lucky lately.


  5. That was such a fun game! Yeah gonna be hard to top that game. But hey I’m down whenever buddy!!

    Great write up my man!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Can’t wait for the next game. Thanks again!


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