Shasvastii vs Tohaa

Power Pack

It’s time again for another Shasvastii Battle Report. This week the evil aliens from Tohaa beset the valiant Shasvastii as they tried to secure vital communications in Power Pack.

Power Pack is a real unique mission, with an interesting deployment zone and a 16″ Saturation Zone in the middle of the board. Deployment is in the corners of the board, 12″ by 16″. There are 5 consoles total, 3 across the middle, and one near each deployment zone. This mission has an HVT, 1 Classified, and a Xenotech. Points are as follows:

Activate the same amount of Antennas as your opponent, 2 Points. (Only if you have activated at least 1). Activate more antennas than your opponent, 4 Points. Control the enemy console at the end of the game, 2 Points. Place the multiscanner in the Saturation zone, 2 Extra Points, but failing to place the scanner is -1 Point as usual. Prevent the enemy from controlling your console, 1 Point. The Classified Objective is also worth one point.

The List

The list is a variation of a list that Vaulsc used during a season 9 ITS event. You can find that write up here. I had to make a few changes to it because Bit and Kiss are no longer in the Shasvastii. 3 Noctifers make for a great surprise factor that limits how your opponent wants to approach moving forward. Especially in fire teams, as no one wants to get a missile template on the inactive members of the link.

I made one of the Noctifers the Spitfire profile as I haven’t had the chance to play it yet. It feels like a really strong midfield fighter, especially if you can find a good spot to go into suppressive. Sheskiin is there to be my turn 2 fighter, and Xenotech wrangler. The Seed-Soldier Forward Observer is my third specialist, it isn’t the strongest choice, but with the points I had remaining, it fit. The rest of the list is pretty standard Shasvastii, you’ll just notice I had to bump the Shrouded up to the hacking profile.

Spoiler alert, it is a really fun list, with some great “GOTCHA” potential. I think I would maybe play with the groupings, so it wasn’t obvious that gruop 2 was probably hiding Noctifers, but I think as is, its pretty good. Sidenote: I really miss 19 point Bit and Kiss.

If you want to check out Chief’s list you can find it here.


I love Power Pack’s deployment setup. Having both corners of the board makes for some interesting ARO situations, and having an army with multiple ways to infiltrate it really opens up the possibilities.

In the right corner I had my Aswang on the third level of the tower, prone. The Seed FO was down one level. Right under him was the Ikadron, and the R-Drone was holding the right flank, looking for Flash Pulse potential. Near the back of my right deployment zone was Dr. Worm and a hidden Noctifer ML.

For the left corner I had the Spitfire Noctifer and Sheskiin at the 16″ line, behind a billboard. There was the last Noctifer in the back as close to the middle of the board as possible, covering any lanes coming from the right side of the board. The second Ikadron was covering the left side of the board. Lastly, my hacker was prone in the middle near the center console, and I deployed my Speculo right outside his deployment near 2 of his triads.

Tohaa Back Line

For Chief’s deployment he had two triads on my right hand side, the Gao-Rael, Sakiel, and a Kaeltar were near the 16″ line, while his Ectros, Killer Hacker, and the other Kaeltar were covering his back-line.

Triads and Mates.

The Sapper Sniper was dug in near his back line covering any lanes on my left hand side. His LT was also on my left side, in good cover near the 16″ line, but he was very well protected with a symbiomate, and 2 symbiobugs.

Lastly Chief had 2 TO Forward Observers hidden near the left and right consoles respectively.

Round 1

Start of the round I move my Speculo up to just see the Gao-Rael and take a shot with my boarding shotgun. I get rid of the mate, but don’t get the lucky crit. For the second order I try and throw smoke, but I fail. I get a bit impatient here because he’s limited my orders by two, and with one hidden Noctifer, I’m down to 5 left.

Take that MATE!

I don’t want to throw smoke again, so I try one more shot with the Gao-Rael, but he’s able to shrug it off, and dodge into better cover. I then decide to come around the corner and try and template his triad. I misjudge this a bit, and I’m only able to hit the Sakiel. The Gao-Rael makes his dodge, but the Sakiel fails, and takes two templates to the face and goes unconscious. But with all the free ARO’s the Tohaa generated the Speculo disappears into a poof of blood and poison.

1 out of 3 ain’t bad…Yes, yes it is.

As always, I could have played this better, and I should have started with smoke, and started to swing my monofilament around. Trading for his paramedic isn’t the worst outcome, but I’m a bit disappointed.

With the final few orders, I have Sheskiin move the Xenotech into the Saturation zone and drop the multiscanner.

Sheskiin and the Xenotech (Slave drone)

The Gao-Rael moves up the right side of the board solo, and takes out the R-Drone, the flash pulse is no match for the mighty vegetable. He spends another order getting into position, and then starts moving toward my units on the left side, and the Camo token in the middle of the board.

My Noctifer decides to reveal here and take a shot. The Gao-Rael has MSV, but I still have him in bad range, so it’s -6. but I’m unable to do any damage. With his next 3 orders he trades shots with the Noctifer and my Shrouded Hacker. The Noctifer goes dogged, so is about to disappear off the board without killing the Gao-Rael, but he was an effective speed bump. Luckily the Shrouded is able to get one wound through with his Combi.

Gao Rael putting the hurt on my Noctifer!

Chief misjudged his orders a bit here, as he forgot about his 2 hidden Clipsos, so his turn ends with the Gao-Rael out in the open on my side of the board.

Round 2

Uh-oh, look who’s finally hatched!

I don’t think Chief or I really felt that our first turn went the way we wanted it to, although we took out model(s), I think we both ended our turns with regrets. The start of my second turn I am relieved that so much of my army is still on the board.

Starting off, I move Sheskiin over to deal with his unprotected Gao-Rael. Nanoscreen really comes in handy here as I have to be outside of cover to get a shot. It goes my way, and the menace is neutralized.

Sheskiin decides to move towards the Nikoul sniper and take her chances. This is a dangerous move because of the Viral Sniper, one mistake and my whole plan comes undone.

I feel pretty terrible because in hindsight I totally forgot about the Saturation Zone this turn, and Sheskiin was rolling one dice too many for these exchanges. It takes 3 tries, but the Sapper is no more. Sheskiin is also able to engage with his LT, and his symbiomate is removed, but the Taqeul ducks back into total cover.

Chief was really gracious here, as forgetting the saturation zone was a huge deal, and the outcome very well could have been different.

With my last remaining orders I move the Noctifer Spitfire out of hidden deployment and up near the console, while retreating Sheskiin into total cover on my side of the board. The turn ends with the Noctifer going into suppressive mode.

Well, this took a lot of orders.

Chief’s second turn he decides to focus on pushing the buttons with his Forward Observers. You know, actually playing the mission. I should try that.

But first he moves his Taqeul up to deal with my Noctifer. Because I was an order short of getting the spitfire into cover, it is only a -9 penalty instead of the -12 that I was hoping to get. Because of the saturation zone (Hey we remembered, and now I feel really horrible), we both have 2 dice. It takes Chief two orders, but the Viral Combi comes out on top, and I’m down to one Noctifer. The Taqeul took one wound here, so his symbioarmor is inactive.

The Taqeul takes out the Noctifer Spitfire, and is holding the left flank

With the Noctifer no longer guarding the left console both of his Clipsos come out of hiding to push some buttons. I think he ends up failing one WIP roll here, but in the end he is controlling both the left and right console, and he ends his turn with the left side Clipsos heading toward the middle console.

Round 3

Sheskiin and Pals!! Slave Drone is my Xenotech.

Start of my Third turn I have 7 orders to push some buttons and set up my defenses. With so few orders I have given up moving towards his console, so I’m only thinking about protecting mine. With a coordinated order I move my Seed-Soldier, Shrouded, Aswang, and Sheskiin into better position, with my Shrouded ending in base with the middle console. The Shrouded pushes his button and moves toward the right flank, while Sheskiin takes out his Clipsos in the middle.

With the Gao-Rael out of the way, the Shrouded moves up to the console.

The Shrouded then lays a mine to deal with the Clipsos on the left, and then pops up for a shot. We both miss, but the mine lands, and the right hand Clipsos is off the board.

With my last couple of orders I move up with my FO SEED-SOLDIER!!!!! He is able to get into base with the console on the right, and succeeds his WIP role on the first try. YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I now have 2 consoles to Chief’s 1. I then use my LT order on my Aswang to move into his half of the table and pass a WIP roll to achieve my classified. All in all, a great turn 3, and I gave myself a strong chance of holding onto the game.

Seed-Soldier FO For The WIN!

Chief’s last turn he has 5 Orders left. His triad with the Ectros, Kaeltar #1, and the Killer hacker, his LT Taqeul, and the surviving member of the other triad, Keltar #2.

The triad moves up with the Ectros as his leader and starts moving toward the middle console. After the second order, the ectros is in range of my Assault hacker and I try to Oblivion, and fail my WIP roll.

His third order he moves his Ectros around to look at the Shrouded and I try another Oblivion. The other 2 members of his link moved out of cover and towards the middle console. At this point, I finally reveal my last Noctifer ML and take a shot at his Killer Hacker. The Noctifer comes through and the template hits his Kaeltar and hacker, and both fail their armor saves and go unconscious.

This effectively ends the game, as Chief no longer has any Specialists to try and turn a console back to his side.

The game ends 8 – 3 for Shasvastii, and the losing streak finally ends*.

End Thoughts

I had a real great time in this game. Power Pack is such an interesting mission, with different deployment, buttons to push, objectives to capture/control and to protect, and a saturation zone! It’s a mission I want to come back to again and again. I certainly hope to see it in more events going forward.

I gave my win an * because I forgot about the Saturation zone during my second turn. That is a real big turning point, and a place where the game’s trajectory certainly could have changed.

In hindsight, I definitely play my Speculo different. That may have to be the new tagline for the website. Welcome to Blogvastii. I should have played my Speculo differently!

I really like the list, and I want to play it a few more times. I really think it has potential to be one that I take to Rumble. 3 Noctifers is a lot of TO, but they are such a dangerous component, especially if you can get a chance to put a template down on multiple units at once.


Sheskiin and the Gao-Rael

Shasvastii MVP

Sheskiin gets my MVP nod here, just edging out the 2nd Noctifer ML because of how well she shut down the left side of the board. Plus I love that gun conversion!

Tohaa MVP

The Gao-Rael gets the nod here as he was able to weather the storm from the Speculo and took out the most orders. With a bit more luck, he could have really ran riot through the cheerleaders of my army.

Shasvastii WINS!

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  1. Nice win buddy!

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  2. Great game man, and great write up! Can’t wait to do one of these again

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  3. Nice report and that sheskin conversion is money!!!!

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