Shasvastii Profiles: Haiduks

Do you even Haiduk?

Haiduk Profiles. This will be short.

It’s that time again, for another Shasvastii Profile review. This week it will be a short article, as I will be discussing the Haiduk. A fantastic model but limited with only 2 profiles.

I think I have only used the Haiduk once, and it may have been a random list, so I still a have lot of testing left to do. Let’s start by reviewing the stats and rules of the Haiduk!


Pretty standard stat-line here: 4-4 MOV, 11 BS, 10 PH, 13 WIP, with 1 wound. Biggest issue with the main stat-line is the 11 BS. As a Sniper Rifle/ARO piece, a bit better in the BS department would be great. Although the other Sniper Rifle profiles in the army are more expensive, 10 and 20 points more for the Shrouded and Malignos. They have infiltration, the ability to deploy in a marker state, or Hidden Deployment in the Malignos’ case, and 12 BS. It’s not a huge difference, but it is something to consider.

The big rule for the Haiduk is the Sapper skill. Sapper is one of those nested Infinity rules that everyone loves, but lets see if I can break it down.

Sapper allows the Haiduk to enter the Foxhole state. During the active turn, a player may spend a full order to enter the Foxhole state, or you can set it up in the Foxhole state during deployment.

So what is the Foxhole state? Think about it like your unit has dug in and is prepared for the fight. Foxhole grants the unit partial cover in a 360 degree arc from all angles and direction. Foxhole also changes the unit’s silhouette value to S3, from S2. This skill also grants the user Mimetism, and V: Courage. Needless to say, there is a lot of value built into the Sapper skill. The Haiduk also has the Shasvastii skill that we have talked about before.


I need that Hoody.

The Haiduk only has two profiles to consider, and both are equipped with a variant of the Multi Sniper Rifle. The first is a standard Multi Sniper rifle, it costs 1.5 SWC and 21 points. This is the cheapest Sniper Rifle available in Shasvastii. I think of the two profiles of the Haiduk, this is going to be the one you take 90-99% of the time. 21 points is the big selling point here. You can get a nice speed bump for a few points. The problem comes with the 1.5 SWC, and BS 11. My Shasvastii lists are really tight when it comes to SWC, so finding 1.5 for a BS 11 Sniper doesn’t always work out. But I think in specific lists it can be a real nice distraction to have in the army.

The second profile comes equipped with a Smart Multi Sniper rifle and costs 23 points and 2 SWC. 2 SWC is huge issue here. As a side note, I’m pretty sure this is the Only place in Infinity to get a Smart Multi Sniper.

So what is a Smart Multi Sniper. Well, lets go to the Wiki! The Smart version of the Multi Sniper is the same in as the regular version of the weapon it just has one more shooting profile, Guided. There is a lot nested into this skill, but for the sake of brevity lets hit the highlights. It allows you to shoot at an enemy trooper outside your LOS/LOF as long as they are in the targeted state. Guided also removes the -6 mod for speculative fire, and instead gives the unit a +3. The Sniper damage is also dropped down to 13, and it only has burst 1, but at least it is Double Action. Lastly, the attack is a direct template (circular). The last part is a sweet little bonus allowing you to hit multiple enemies with one shot.

All in all this profile is pretty interesting, but if you were going to do guided shenanigans with a Smart weapon, wouldn’t you want to save some points and use the superior Smart Missile Launcher? You would save 5 points, and .5 SWC, for a Damage 14 AP + DA weapon. So with that in mind, I don’t really see you ever taking this profile, unless you really just want to try it out.

To close this out, if you are going to take the Haiduk, the regular Multi Sniper is the way to go, and I’m going to try a couple of lists this weekend that include it. Look for it in a future battle report.

Future Considerations

Such a fantastic sculpt! Look, he’s dialing in the shot

I’m not sure what I would really change with the Haiduk other than hoping it gets a BS buff, and even then it seems in line with other Sapper units across Infinity. Other than the dastardly Tohaa version, but comparing across armies never works.

I think the more interesting question is how it fits into the New Shasvastii army when the rework happens. That is what I can’t wait to see!

As always, thank you for reading, C & C is always welcomed and appreciated!

6 thoughts on “Shasvastii Profiles: Haiduks

  1. I DON’T LIKE SAPPER ONE FREAKING BIT! Cool unit, though!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I predict Haiduks become amazing in the new rework and you will field armies of haiduks, caliban link teams and cadmus

    Liked by 2 people

    1. You know me so well


  3. I didn’t even know this profile existed. Thank you for the education. At least the model is sweet.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Definitely gets lost in the shuffle when it comes to all the great options in vanilla Combined.


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