Cancon 2019 Infinity Presentation

Carlos “Bostria” is back with another Infinity video at Cancon2019, in it he previews what to expect for Infinity this year.

The calendar for this year from Corvus Belli

Most importantly he reveals that Shasvastii is going to play a huge part, not only as the main villains in the story, but with new profiles, miniatures, and something big and secret. 3 Shasvastii bombs, and I’m officially losing my shit.

Special thanks to Jason Farley for asking the questions that we need!

Here’s the video if you haven’t watched it yet.

Go to 9:00 minutes in for the Shasvastii stuff!

I’m pretty sure the video also has other information in it, but I’ve blacked out.

Ok, fine, I’ve watched a bit more. Here is some highlights.

Expect 5 new Sectorials this year, Ramah Task Force is confirmed like everyone expected with the Khawarij box coming in February. Tarik is later confirmed to be a Wild Card in Ramah.

Adepticon will have a box of some sort, and GenCon will have a big surprise as well, but no additional information is given.

The black N at the end of the year is going to be a huge surprise.

There will be more Mercenary factions in 2019.

A new book will be coming this year, like the Third Offensive. The book will have the information of the five new Sectorial/armies for 2019.

A new manga is being worked on.

ORC SWC box is coming.

Brawler SWC box, and Druze Arslan are revealed with renders.

Brawlers SWC box renders
Druze man-bun incoming!

Thanks to the White Noise Podcast for posting the video, and the team at Corvus Belli for creating it.

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  1. This might be the best thing you have done yet

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