Shasvastii vs JSA


I’m back again with another Shasvastii Battle Report. This time our heroes will be facing off against the JSA commanded by a real great guy, Jeff. We are playing Supplies, another mission that will be featured at Rumble this year. The objectives are 1 point for each supply box controlled at the end of the game, 3 points if you control more than your opponent, 2 points if your opponent controls no supply boxes, and 2 classified objectives.

I won the initiative roll and decided to go first. Jeff had me deploy my army first on the table, as you do. Let’s check out the list and table, and jump into the battle. 

The List

I’ve always wanted to do a “blank courtesy” list in Shasvastii, but I’ve never got around to it. This list is a lot of fun. 7 infiltrators is pretty fantastic, with 2 Noctifers setting up long ARO’s (Hopefully). The Speculo and Shrouded with the Boarding Shotgun can attack key pieces of my opponent’s army quickly, and the 2 Shrouded minelayers can set up a defensive area in the middle of the board.

Noctifer Missile Launcher’s are something I always want to play around with, but for whatever reason they never quite work out in my lists. I think maybe swapping one of for the HMG Q-Drone might have been better, at least for my playstyle, or maybe I’m just real bad picking good ARO spots for the Noctifers. (This is a given.)

You can check out Jeff’s JSA list here.


The JSA side of the battleground. Terrain like this is just one more reason I love Infinity!

After a year of playing Infinity deployment still feels like my weakest skill. I certainly think it is one of the harder aspects of the game. For the most part I think I deployed OK, but I made a couple of bad choices that hurt my chances to win the game.

I set up both Noctifers in the middle of the board in my deployment zone, on top of 2 different buildings, giving long fire lanes for both down the middle and each Noctifer protecting one side of the board. I set up one minelayer Shrouded on the second floor of the tall blue building with a mine protecting the middle supply crate. The second minelayer Shrouded was on the right side near the other supply crate, but I decided to be a bit cheeky and swapped the usual spot for the mine with the Shrouded model. Not a great choice in hindsight.

I set up the Aswang LT, on the back right side of the map, in a hard to reach spot, and I stuck the boarding shotgun Shrouded in the deployment zone as well to be a LT decoy. This was another questionable choice. No, it was a bad choice. I should have had the boarding shotgun in a spot to move up and attack 100%.

For my three specialists, my Malignos hacker was just on the stairs in the middle of the board, and for some reason I had both of my forward observers on the left side near one console. I’m not really sure what I was thinking here other than I felt that side had the safest route into my opponents deployment zone to achieve my classified. I can’t remember the card’s name but I had a classified to scan a terrain piece in my opponent’s deployment zone and I guess that was the thought process. It was wrong. Finally I put my Speculo on the roof of the red and grey building near the JSA deployment zone, hoping to take out what I thought was his prone LT on a roof. For some reason I didn’t think of a TAG being placed last, and as Jeff placed the O-Yoroi I was furious with myself. Of course Jeff brought a TAG. There is one in every list. AT LEAST ONE!

Jeff deployed his core link in the middle of the board, with his Missle Launcher watching the middle of the board, and his two specialists looking to move up from the ground level. The left side had the Haris of the Karakuri, and his TAG was placed to move up the middle of the board as well. His Ninja killer hacker was set up near the middle on the right side, protecting that supply box.

Round 1

With four models in hidden deployment I only had 6 orders to start the round. I started the round with bringing the Malignos FO out of hidden deployment and moving up to the right side console. I was able to secure the supply crate on the first order, and then tried to move back toward my deployment zone. The Ninja killer hacker appeared to try and stop me but lost the face to face and fell unconscious.

Right there, I’m feeling so good about my chances for the rest of the mission. His TAG’s protector is out of the way, and with 3 more orders I have 1 supply box in the back of my deployment zone. I then send my Speculo down to try and take down the Karakuri link, I won the CC face to face, but Jeff made the armor save (THIS IS A THEME!), but the Speculo wasn’t able to tank the chain rifles. I’m a bit disappointed, but once again, it comes down to bad placement and priority with the Speculo, something that I’ll just have to continue to work on.

With the last order of the round I put my Maligno FO in suppressive.


Jeff starts his turn with 9 orders, with only the Ninja taken out of action on my turn 1. He starts by spending his LT order and bring up his O-Yoroi TAG up the main lane of the battlefield. I decide to hold off on revealing one of my Noctifer ML here, and that may have been a mistake. I was hoping to get him in a spot that both Noctifers would have a shot, but I didn’t want to give away their position by trying to eyeball line of sight from empty terrain. He continues to come up and this time both Noctifers have LOS and reveal and fire. Jeff fires everything into one Noctifer and gets one hit through and I go dogged. The second Noctifer hits unopposed, but the O-Yoroi tanks the armor save easily, with a 17, 20, 20.

We do this two more times, with the O-Yoroi finishing off the first Noctifer, and the second flubs its shot. The O- Yoroi triggered the mine in the middle and he somehow fails that armor save. Both Noctifers are now dead and dusted, and the TAG has the center of the map staked out.

He moves up again, and I make the mistake of not hacking him with my Malignos because I misunderstood how the Krazy Koalas worked, and I didn’t want to risk dying.

He moves up to the right side console, and takes out my Shrouded Minelayer, and with his next order, stomps on the Shrouded’s neck with a Coup de Grace and scores a classified. He then spends the rest of his turn bringing up the Karakuri Haris, toward the same console.

The Karakuri ready to pounce!

Round 2

I have 6 orders, and I’m out of heavy firepower. I have 1 boarding shotgun on the board, and the rest are combi rifles. Needless to say, but hey, I’m going to say it anyway, I don’t have a lot of ways to deal with the TAG, other than with the Assault Hacker.

First order I move my minelayer Shrouded that is prone on the ledge above the TAG to trigger the two Krazy Koalas. I succeed my dodge roll, which is a nice surprise.

I move up with my Assault Hacker Malingos try to total control the TAG. I win the face to face, but Jeff’s armor saves stay hot, and he rolls another 20. Try again, and I fail. Third times the charm, and I now have a TAG. For two orders.

The Shas-Yoroi thwarted by good armor saves and dodges by the Karakuri!

I move my new fancy Shas-Yoroi towards his Karakuri, but can only get 1 in range of the Flamethrower. He misses his dodge, but make the armor save. Last order of my turn, I move up to have all 3 in template range, they all dodge again, but only 1 makes its dodge. The Karakuri take 1 wound each, but because of Total Immunity they don’t keep burning, and I’m unable to get any kills, which is bad news for Team Blogvastii.


The JSA are in a real good position after the 2nd Round. I was unable to clear out any orders, and it took way to long to control the TAG. With that in mind Jeff exits the TAG with the pilot to open the Supply crate.

The core link of Keisotsu start moving up towards the middle supply crate, with the Kempei and ML Keisotsu dropping out of the link. He can do most of this uncontested, as all my ARO pieces are out of action. His paramedic climbs the steps to deal with the hacker Malignos, while the FO passes his WIP roll and controls the crate in the middle. The Malignos and FO Keisotsu trade shots, but after another timely armor save by the JSA, everyone is still up and fighting.

Yurika Oda spends the last JSA orders moving in the direction of the Malignos FO that is controlling a supply crate. That’s the end of round 2, and with only 1 turn left, my Shasvastii face an uphill battle to salvage this game.

Round 3

Another turn with 6 Orders, but I’m really running out of time. My classified card has to be done in my opponents deployment zone, so that is going to be real tough to achieve. So, that plan is probably out.

Because of the way he positioned his TAG pilot, I decide to move out with the Shrouded that is in my deployment zone, I take an uncontested shot at his pilot with my boarding shotgun. Finally, getting a bit of luck, I’m able to score a hit, and he fails his subsequent armor roll.

Neutralizing the O-Yoroi took way to long for the Shasvastii heroes!

Phew, the TAG is no longer a concern, but I only have 5 orders left to either get a crate, or stop my opponent from getting one. The Malignos hacker takes out the Keisotsu paramedic that was on the stairs. Next order I coordinate an order with the 3 remaining Shrouded and my Malignos hacker and move everyone into better positions. Even with a move-move, my FO Shrouded is way to far away to complete my classified so that plan is out. The Malignos then stands up and takes out the FO Keisotsu that was controlling the supply crate.

2 orders left now. I’m in real trouble.

I move my Shrouded with the shotgun back towards Yurika Oda and take a shot to try and protect my Malignos that is controlling the supply crate, but I’m unable to hit. With my final order I put my Malignos into Suppressive fire and hope that I can make some armor saves when the chain rifle templates rain down on my opponents turn.


With plenty of Orders this turn, and a Haris of Karakuri near both supply crates, it doesn’t take much for Jeff to secure the win here. He moves up and chain rifles my Malignos, and even though I’m in suppressive, I’m unable to get any hits, and of course I fail my armor save.

After two of the Karakuri secure their respective supply crates, Jeff sends Yurika Oda towards my Malignos controlling the supply crate. The TO combi rifle in suppressive is a bit too much for Yurika and I am at least able to hold on to one crate.

This one ends with a 1-6 loss for the Shasvastii. The Classified that Jeff was able to secure makes it a major win for the JSA.

The Malignos is not going to give up that supply crate JEFF!

End Thoughts

Going first I should have done much better in this fight. I have a bunch of infiltrating specialists, one for each crate, and I just didn’t think through my deployment and battle plan enough. Games like this are a big reason I wanted to start the blog in the first place. Of the missions at Rumble and Showdown this year, I don’t think I’ve played any more than once, other than Highly Classified, and I’ve never played Unmasking. Infinity is such a dense game, it’s easy to make small mistakes, that put you just enough behind that you can’t make it up.

I’ll chock it up to inexperience, but I really should have done much better. The list for the most part is pretty good. I’d like to play around with it a little bit, and I’m not sure I want to take two Noctifer ML’s, but I may switch one out for a Spitfire, for a midfield fighting piece, or bring back he HMG Q-Drone. All in all it was a great game, that could have turned on an armor save or two, and I look forward to trying again soon!


The MVP’s Shasvastii Malignos Assault Hacker, and JSA O-Yoroi TAG

Shasvastii MVP

Malignos Assault Hacker – Became a midfield menace, and was able to lock up the TAG for turns 2 and 3. Probably should have tried to hack the TAG during his first turn, but don’t hold my bad decisions against the Malignos



Jeff’s TAG made some clutch armor saves whenever it was needed, and absolutely harassed the center of the battlefield. Plus, look at that paint job!

JSA Wins!

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  1. Im glad to hear he is a great guy


    1. A real great guy!!!


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  2. So freaking well done!

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    1. High praise! Thanks Dan!


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