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Seed Soldier Profiles in Army

This will be the first in a series of going over the all the Shasvastii profiles that are currently in the game. Starting with the Seed-Soldiers that make up a big part of the Shasvastii identity, but unfortunately , also a big part of why the faction is underplayed.

Let’s start with the good. The models look fantastic. Shasvastii have such a unique look in Infinity and it all starts with these guys. I’m also a huge fan of the design “concept” when it comes to seeds. I love the idea of little pods just waiting to hatch and ambush.


Seed-Soldiers start in a marker state with the Seed-Embryo rule. The models have 2 profiles, a seed, and Developed Shape. The seeds start as a S0 camo token (This is open information, no shell games to be had here), with 1 more armor, and 3 more bts than the developed shape.

Seeds automatically hatch at the start of turn 2, or can be hatched as an aro, or as a short skill in the active turn. They also are standing when they hatch, which can be good or bad, depending on the situation, but the option would be nice. Hatch is also a Short Skill, not a Short Movement Skill, so there is no Hatch/Shoot option to be had.

Seed-Soldiers also have the Shasvastii rule that allows them to become Spawn-Embryo when they fall unconscious. This is nice on missions like Quadrant Control etc., because they still count for points when determining who is dominating the zones. So if your opponents don’t forget about the Spawn-Embryos they need to spend extra orders to deal with unconscious models, which doesn’t seem very efficient.


There are only 4 profiles for Seed-Soldiers, so this will be brief. The stats that are noteworthy is BS11, PH9, and WIP 13. BS11 seems fine, they are the basic cheerleader troops, and this isn’t Pano. PH9 is a bit of a bummer to be honest. Looking at they models they look agile, and tough to hit, but at only PH9, they have a less than 50% chance to even dodge a template. WIP13 is a nice bonus if you find the points to have a FO, or Paramedic profile to push some buttons.

Starting at 14 Points, the basic Seed-Soldier has a Combi Rifle + Light Shotgun. This is your “I have 14 points left and I need another order” profile. That is basically the biggest problem with Seed-Soldiers. You are only taking them to fill out a list, and in that case, its probably better to try and rearrange to find better options.

The next profile costs 1 more point and 1 SWC for a Seed with Combi Rifle + Light Grenade Launcher. Oh man, Speculative firing GRENADES, yea lets do thi…Wait, Speculative fire is a -6 before all other mods. So I’m at a 5 to hit. There’s that sweet spot from 8″ – 16″ that gives you a +3. Hitting on 8’s!!!! Burst 1. 15 points isn’t much, but that 1 SWC is brutal. I don’t think this is a profile that you will use ever, unless you really just want to try it out.

The last 2 profiles are the Specialist versions of the Seed-Soldiers. 15 points gets you a Forward Observer, or 16 pts gets you a Paramedic. I think if you are in a spot where you have 15-16 points left these aren’t the worst option to fill out that last order. Ideally if you wanted a specialist in that points range the 17 point M-Drone is better in every way. But if you just can’t make the points work These could be an option.

Seed-Soldiers are one of those units that people, myself included, want to see work in the game. But with the N2 rules, and the high point cost, it is hard to justify bringing them into any list. They will always be relegated to the spot “well I need 1 order and have ~15 points left” in an army list.

After all this seed talk, I had to make a list. I’m sure it’s terrible, but I want to try it out soon. Check it out here.

Hope for the Future

Seed-Soldiers are one of, if not THE profile I’m most excited to see if and when the Shasvastii update happens. I love the idea behind the unit. I would love new models, but if they decide to keep these sculpts I wouldn’t be sad. Seed-Soldiers’ weird alien look was and is a big part of why I play Shasvastii, and why I’m super excited for the future of the faction. More Profiles! Maybe new or interesting rules. Maybe the core link comes back.

I think everyone wants to see new profiles, myself included. Some more interesting options in the SWC category would be super appreciated. I would really love to see Seed-Soldiers get a few tricks that would be in theme for the army.

All I really know is I love these models, and I want to put them on the table. Today! If you have a comment, or maybe something I’m not seeing when it comes to Seed-Soldiers please let me know below!

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  1. Great write up!

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  2. I’m stoked for the inevitable new sculpts for these guys!

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