Shasvastii vs Qapu Khalqi


The first Blogvastii Battle Report features my Shasvastii vs Jeff’s Qapu Khalqi in Firefight, one of the missions at this year’s Rumble on Route 66. Firefight is a very “killy” mission with points coming from killing more Specialists, Lieutenants, army points, and the enemy Datatracker. You also can get a point from getting 2 Classified Objectives, and more items from the Panoplies that are set up across the middle of the battlefield.

I won the initiative roll and chose to go first, which meant I also deployed first.

The List

New list that I was really excited to try out, but as I was deploying and looking at the mission objectives, it probably wasn’t the strongest choice I could have made. This would become a theme for the battle.

14 orders is a lot for my Shasvastii lists, as I usually just run Limited Insertion. I really like the Gwailo link, with this seasons MI bonuses and Nanoscreen, the link can find a good spot to deploy somewhere on any table. Burst 2 ARO Heavy Rocket Launchers can be devestating, and at BS13 they are the best shots in Shasvastii outside of Sheskiin and the Sphinx. Corax Hasht is a real nice addition to the link, and being 16-17 points cheaper than Sheskiin, he is a profile I want to play a lot more. It helps that the model is also fantastic!

After the link it’s pretty standard Shasvastii elements other than the Cadmus which really should be something different, but I just love trying to make Combat Jump seeds work.

If you are interested here is a link to Jeff’s Qapu Khalqi list.

The Start of Round 1


Firefight has a 16 inch deployment zone and with the MI Forward Deployment LVL 1, my Gwailos link is deployed in the middle of the board near the 20″ line. I have my Shrouded near the far right Panoply. My Speculo is in the middle of the board just outside of his deployment.

There is a Ikadron on each side of the map to try and guard against Yuan Yuan’s (TRY IS THE KEY WORD), Doctor Worm and the E-Drone in the middle. Finally I have my M-Drone and R-Drone on the left side.

Jeff set us his Sekban link on his left side, with Scarface and Cordelia just behind and Leila Sharif on the left edge of the board. He has a TR bot in the middle on the top of a building with a prone Ghulam that I’m pretty sure must be his LT. He set up two Flash Pulse bots protecting his right flank.

Jeff was successful with his infiltration roll and set up a camo token near my Gwailos link in the middle of the board. This definitely put me off my first round game plan.

Round 1

Jeff’s Camo token really messed with my game plan and led to my first mistake of the game. I didn’t use my Speculo at all this round. Instead I sent my M-Drone around to discover the marker that brought out a Al Hawwa’ Assault Hacker. We traded shots and nothing happened.

I then sent the slave drone into base for an electric pulse CC attack and unfortunately for Jeff he wiffed his Boarding Shotgun roll (LOL, how?). The Al Hawwa’ was now immobolized for 2 turns. Moments like this is why I play Infinity. How dumb is this situation?

LOL, seriously, how did this work?

The Shrouded moved up to the Panoply and had the option of a Motorcycle!!!!, or a Panzerfaust. Although, I really wanted to take the motorcycle because it is ridiculous, I ended up taking the Panzerfaust.

To finish out my turn Corax Hasht was able to take out his TR bot, and a Gwailos removed the Al Hawwa’ hacker.

A couple of mistakes here, as I didn’t send my Speculo in to take on his TAG, and totally spaced dropping in my Cadmus.

QK Round 1

I knew they were coming, but, it didn’t matter. All three Yuan Yuans were able to land their combat jump, which since it is Firefight it isn’t all that shocking, and things really went downhill for the Shasvastii heroes.

He sent 2 after the Gwailos link and one after the bots on my left side. He managed to take out the R-Drone, and 3 of my Gwailos including my LT. Although, hilariously, the slave drone was able to dodge engage into one of the Yuan Yuan’s effectively ending its turn.

This picture sums up my opponents first turn.

I think this was the biggest mistake that I made throughout the game. I kept dodging with my link team when I should have just shot the Yuan Yuan. My Ikadron did hit the Yuan Yuan 3 times, but he was able to make his armor save each time. So even though it took him a chunk of orders he was able to whittle my link team down to 2, all with 16 points of models. Huge mistake on my part, and something I hope to deal with better in the future.

The Speculo that I left out in the wind was cleaned up, and a Hafza Forward Observer was able to raid the panoply for ODD!, and followed that up with taking out my Shrouded. This put me in a real tough spot going into my turn 2.

Round 2

I’m in loss of Lieutenant to start the turn, with 4 orders in group 1 and 3 orders in group 2. I successfully land my Cadmus seed behind his killer hacker with a goal to get a specialist or two to salvage some points. The Ikadron and M-Drone are able to take out 2 of the 3 Yuan Yuans, just leaving the one in CC with the slave drone.

The Gwailos decides to take on Scarface and scores a lucky crit, and the TAG proceeds to miss 3 straight armor saves for Fire and is off the board. Even though I’m getting smashed in the matchup, its moments like this that make even the losses memorable.

Scarface forgot his Fire Extinguisher

Forgetting to drop in my Cadmus turn one really comes back to bite me, as I have to spend an order to hatch. I decide to turn Dr. Worm’s order green and hatch my Cadmus and move it up into cover behind Leila. That’s my round 2, as my army tries to stop the bleeding. But hey, killed a TAG in a totally ridiculous set of circumstances, so there’s that.

When it works it’s GLORIOUS!
QK Round 2

Jeff’s round 2 starts with the Yuan Yuan destroying the hero slave drone. The Yuan Yuan then takes out Corax with a chain rifle but dies to the Gwailos pistol. The Yuan Yuans are finally off the board after slaying 108 pts of Shasvastii. Yea, it is safe to say I didn’t play that well.

Cordelia tries to take out Cadmus and falls to a crit. The dice really turned in my favor during round 2, it’s just too bad that I didn’t have many units left to take advantage.

The Sekban Doctor is able to heal Cordelia, scoring a classified objective for Jeff, and I’m really in trouble now. The Sekban decides to take on the Cadmus as well, and also falls to a crit. I don’t know what it is, but every time I play Jeff with a Cadmus they really outperform expectations, and it’s the best thing ever.

Cordelia tries to take out the Cadmus one more time, but they both miss their shots. That’s the final order for QK in round 2, and although the Shasvastii are still standing, I’m going to need a lot more luck in round 3 to have any chance.

Round 3

Jeff, left, explaining things to Randon.

For my final round I have 6 orders in group 1, and 1 in group 2, after using my last two command tokens to move the M-Drone, and 1 Ikadron into group 1. I decide the only chance I have is to send the M-Drone up to the panoply, but that plan is quickly snuffed out by two Flash Pulse bots.

With that plan foiled the Cadmus tries to take out Cordelia, with a hope that I can then take out Leila, but that also comes up short as I lose the face to face after missing both attack rolls, and the subsequent armor save as well.

Desparate to score at least one point, I use my last two orders to move my E-Drone up to spotlight hack an unconscious Yuan Yuan and I roll an 11, needing 10’s. Not my finest round to be sure, but I’m not sure I would change much. This battle was lost in the previous rounds.

QK Round 3

Not needing to do much, Jeff spends a couple of orders to open another Panoply to make sure he gets the point, and calls it. The game ends in a 0-9 loss for Shasvastii.

A Great Guy

End Thoughts

There is a lot that I would change about how I played this game. I should have tried to get the Speculo into his obvious LT, or at the least go after the TAG. I allowed the Al Hawwa’ to become a big distraction and it used up most of my first turn. I didn’t handle the Yuan Yuan’s very well when they came in round 1, and allowed them to get way to much value for what they are worth.

List choice was also something that really needed to be better here, but that’s why I am practicing now. I really do like the list, but I probably need to take the Cadmus out, at the very least. I think it could be a possible list for the more button-pusher missions that will be at Rumble, but with enough punch to take on whatever my opponents might bring to the table.


Shasvastii MVP

Gwailos Heavy Rocket Launcher – Destroying the Anaconda with 1 crit is definitely an achievement unlocked so he just edges out the ridiculous melee slave drone.


Yuan Yuan #3 – I don’t want to talk about it anymore.

If you made it this far, thank you so much. I’ll be back with another battle report next Saturday, hopefully with a better, or at least closer, result.

Qapu Khaqi Wins!

8 thoughts on “Shasvastii vs Qapu Khalqi

  1. Nice!

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      1. No sir it is you which hath done well. Your excellent battle report is an inspiration to us all.

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  2. I mean between the sweet run down of the game and the kick ass cameo you have out done yourself my friend. Keep it up bro! Shas for those gains bro!!

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  3. Matt aka Chef aka Chief January 19, 2019 — 3:50 pm

    Loving it, keep up the good work

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  4. Why you no play army good??


    1. I play my Shasvastii like I speak German; badly, and with a lot of confidence.


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